Residential Home Inspections:

Home Inspections can be beneficial to buyers, sellers, investors, and property managers alike. As a buyer, you will be informed of any issues or concerns with the property, therefore are able to purchase with confidence.

As a seller, you will have the ability to identify and address potential deal-breaking issues that your property may have before it is listed. For investors and property managers, our inspection services can help you in evaluating a property ensuring that you get the best value for it.

Specific/Partial Home Inspections:

Inspection Techs not only performs complete home inspections, we also offer specific/partial inspections for areas of your property you may feel need attention. Examples include basement or crawlspace inspections, heating, plumbing and electrical inspections, roof inspections and many more. Our specific inspections are also good for the person that doesn't want a complete home inspection. Our home inspectors can inspect and report on any component/system of the house chosen by you.

Pre-Listing Inspection:

(Seller's Inspection)

Anyone selling their home should get a home inspection.  By getting an inspection before listing your property puts you ahead of the game. Addressing any deficiencies in your home before buyers find them helps increase the value of your home and reduce the time it’s on the market. The seller can also list the house with more confidence as to some of the concerns that may arise during a home inspection. By listing various issues the purchaser will be making a more informed offer on the property and will be less likely to come back and renegotiate disclosed items. This may also help purchasers to feel more at ease as to the seller's willingness to disclose.

Final Walk Through, Pre-Delivery Inspection:

(New Construction)

During the final stages of building your new home, and before taking ownership of your newly constructed home you will walk through the house with your builder. We advise an independent home inspection of the home. Often our home inspectors uncover deficiencies overlooked by the builder and sometimes even municipal inspectors.
If caught early, the builder can correct these deficiencies before you move in. 

Inspection Techs can be requested to perform a final walk through inspection. Like a typical residential home inspection our home inspectors will report any items that may be essential for repair prior to meeting with your builder for their final punch-list.

Radon Gas Testing:

According to the EPA, Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer.

Real Estate & Radon Testing
If you are buying or selling a home you should consider having a radon test performed. Before you buy, determine if the home has dangerous levels of radon before the final sales transaction. Short Term radon tests using E-perm Radon Monitors or a Continuous Radon Monitor can be completed in just two days. There are however, very important protocols for taking Short Term radon tests and it is imperative that they be strictly followed.

If you are selling a home consider the benefits of radon testing your home. Have a Short Term test of two or more days to see if you have a radon problem. Allow time to address the problem in a timely manner. Your radon free home will be more attractive to potential buyers than one which has not been tested. Having radon problems addressed prior to a sale will ensure a smoother transaction.

If there is a Radon Reduction System installed to reduce radon levels, have it checked to insure it is functioning as designed. A proper operating system will give you years of living in a radon free environment.

Real estate professionals address many aspects of buying and selling homes. However, they should not be offering technical advice regarding radon testing and health risks. This should be addressed by certified radon measurement providers and local health authorities.

EPA strongly urges the use of tamper resistant techniques when conducting a radon test in the context of a real estate transaction. We use Radalink monitors equipped with a tilt sensor that will log any time the monitor is moved and a power sensor will record if the power source changes from AC to battery and back to AC. Hourly readings of the radon concentration, temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure will record any unusual fluctuations resulting from Protocol violations. In other words, it is extremely difficult to compromise a Radalink test without being caught. Standard Real Estate Tests take 48 hours of air sampling. We upload our test when the requirements are met and you get the results within minutes.

Radon Zone Map:

[radon] Click Here to visit the EPA website and look at radon levels throughout the country, your state, and county to get an idea of the level of danger in your area.

Well Water Inspections:

Well Water Testing

Typically, groundwater is naturally clean and safe for consumption. Because the overlying soil acts as a filter, groundwater is usually free of disease-causing microorganisms. However, contamination may occur following improper installation of well casings or caps, after a break in the casing or as a result of contaminated surface water entering the well. Contamination can also occur if wells are drilled in fractured bedrock without an adequate layer of protective soil and with less than the recommended minimum casing length.

In order to prevent illness, wells should be properly maintained and the water regularly tested for the presence of microbial contaminants. Well water should also be tested occasionally for possible inorganic and organic chemical contaminants.

Well Water Testing is available including standard bacteria, chemical, lead, copper and specific toxins.

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Well Water Treatment /Shocking resources:

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Maintenance Inspection:

In a home, very few things are maintenance free. Proper and on-going maintenance of a home’s structural and mechanical systems is essential to increasing its value over time.

Maintenance inspections should be done every three to five years to identify and monitor certain conditions and components. Use our comprehensive home inspection report as a blueprint for your home maintenance plan. You can rank and prioritizes deficiencies in your home and repair them as needed. Regular home inspections give the homeowner enough time to find the right contractor and get several quotes before a minor repair becomes an emergency.

Property Management Inspections:

We can help reduce liability and safety hazards. Our detailed digital home inspection report complete with photographs is an excellent tool to prove a properties condition at a specific date and time.


Inspection Techs provides a variety of consulting services for investors, property managers, builders, and other home inspection companies.

Insurance Inspections:

Insurance companies are experiencing denying coverage and canceling policies at an alarming rate, due to growing concerns with moisture related claims. Inspection Techs through the home inspection process offers a way to help reduce or prevent claims due to neglect.

Litigation Support:

Sometimes court cases are an unfortunate outcome in today's real estate, building, and property management transactions. With our more than 20 years of experience in the industry, We may be able to assist you should litigation arise.

FHA 203(k) Consultant:

What Is an FHA 203k Loan?

FHA's 203(k) loan program is designed to finance the purchase and renovation of your home, all in one loan.

FHA 203k loans are offered through HUD and the Federal Housing Administration. This mortgage offers the purchaser the ability to obtain a mortgage for a house needing repairs. This is a great tool for someone who wants to have a house they are purchasing renovated with little out of pocket costs.

Is a 203(k) Loan Right for You?

Buy a "Fixer-upper" or REO property needing renovation
Get funds to both purchase and upgrade your dream home
Refinance and renovate your existing home

Advantages of 203(k)

Loan amount based on the home value including renovations
Only one loan needed to both purchase and improve
Refinance and rehab your own home
Can be used to buy property otherwise not eligible for financing

Which houses qualify?

There are two types of FHA 203k loans, regular and streamlined.
Regular 203k loans are for homes that need structural repairs, and streamlined loans are for those that need non-structural repairs.
In order to qualify, homeowners must plan to live in the home they are repairing. The following types of residences qualify:

Tear-downs: As long as part of the foundation will remain, houses that need to be destroyed and rebuilt are eligible.
Existing construction that is at least a year old.
Single-family, two-family, three-family or four-family dwellings.
Condos: if they have been approved for FHA loans.
Mixed-use properties: If you are repairing only the home portion, a mixed residential/commercial property can qualify.
Homes needing to be moved to rest on a new foundation.

Which repairs qualify?

The FHA has specific guidelines as to which types of repairs qualify for 203k loans. The lender will also stipulate which repairs you can make.
Allowable repairs include:

Disability access
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Roofing and flooring
Energy conservation
Kitchen remodeling
New appliances
Room additions
Decks and patios
Bathroom remodeling
Room additions or second-story additions
New siding
Finishing an attic or basement
Site gradingLabor costs must be included in the loan, even if the homeowner performs the repairs. The repairs must be completed within six months.

How much does it cost?

The FHA 203k loan amount has to include the price of the home plus the expected price of repairs. The applicant has to provide a home appraisal, including how much the home will be worth after the improvements are made. The applicant has to present a detailed proposal of the work required on the home, including a cost estimate of each repair.

An FHA 203k loan is especially beneficial to those who cannot afford a finished home and are willing to take on a fixer-upper. 

As an FHA 203k Consultant, Dan can conduct your required inspection, prepare the required paperwork and assist you through the process.

The consultant's fees can be included in the loan amount.

Please contact us to learn about our FHA 203(k) Consultant Services.

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