You’ll Love Our Home Inspection Report

Inspection Techs, LLC creates home inspection reports that our clients and real estate agents love!

Clients like them because they are easy to read and understand. Pictures are together with the inspection point reducing questions and confusion.

Agents consistently praise our home inspection report because their clients have fewer questions. The automated summaries provide them with the to-do list they are looking for. Pictures in the summaries make it even easier to identify and resolve issues found.

Contains Notes/Comments after each components section.

The core of the report documents the condition of over thousand points on the home. In this section you'll find both a comprehensive checklist and comments on specific issues.

At the conclusion of the report you'll find the finale notes, and home inspection summary of the major findings of the report.

Digital Photos

Our home inspection report comes complete with digital color photographs. The photographs contain indicator arrows, circles or text to support the findings in the report.

The Complete Package is packed with value!

The home inspection report will be presented to you in a three ring binder that contains:

- The home inspection report

- Seasonal maintenance checklist

- Moving checklists

- Service life expectancies

- Consumer resources

- “Your Notes” section for maintenance and additional notes

- Home filing list, to manage household records

- Child safety list

- and more...


Complete Home inspection Report